Are Gotham Steel Pans Safe? [Truth Behind Gotham Steel Cookware]

Are Gotham Steel Pans Safe

When it comes to buying new cookware one of the key factors to consider is safety. You never want to choose something which is not safe for your family.

While you are enjoying watching television, more than likely you’ve seen the promotional advertisement for Gotham Steel Cookware and decided to buy one for your kitchen.

But as a lesser-known brand, you are wondering about health and safety issues regarding this cookware.

in this article, we are going to answer your question. Are Gotham Steel Pans Safe to use?

Besides, we’ll dig a little deeper and conclude with the truth behind Gotham Steel Cookware.

About Gotham Steel Cookware

Gotham Steel Cookware made with titanium and nonstick ceramic surface.

The base material of Gotham Steel Cookware is aluminum. The aluminum core conducts heat faster than metals such as steel or iron.

Titanium increases the durability of cookware other than nonstick coating. In-fact it is applied to make the cookware lightweight, stable, and strong. Titanium coating blocks the aluminum from coming in contact with food. so it will not affect the taste of food.

Gotham Steel is a ceramic coated cookware. The ceramic components used to compose the surface nonstick. Ceramic is more heat transparent and also scratch-resistant.

Gotham Steel Pan has signature characteristics with its copper-colored interior and a glossy black exterior.

The cool-looking handles are made from stainless steel. So you can put the cookware in the oven too.

Those materials make the cookware lightweight and comfortable to use.

Gotham Steel does not contain PFOA, PTFE, and PFOS. These are the most avoided chemicals in cookware. Furthermore, Gotham Steel Pans manufactured of non-toxic materials that are perfectly harmless for both children and adults.

The Best Features

Oven Safe:

The Gotham Steel cookwares are perfectly suitable for oven up to 500 degrees F. It can be used in both stove-top and oven.

Dishwasher Safe:

Gotham Steel Pans cleaning is more than easy because they are dishwasher safe. After finishing your cooking you don’t have to think about the cleaning because it comes with the amazing feature dishwasher friendly.

Safe and Toxin Free

The most important question, Are Gotham Steel Pans Safe and the answer is yes it is safe and toxin-free. The pans are made of titanium and ceramic which are safe and stable. Perhaps the nonstick coating is PTFE, PFOA, and PFOS free.

What’s Wrong with Gotham Steel


If you buy Gotham Steel directly from their website, they come with one year warranty and 90 days money-back guarantee. One of the most important features of Gotham Steel Cookware is Durability. But more than 50% of customers have a complaint about the durability of the coating.


Gotham Steel advertises that those are non-stick pan. But most of the customers reviewed that Everything is Sticking after using one month. When they are bought new, everything works fine but after using 3 weeks its starts sticking. According to their advertising, the cookwares have a non-stick surface that means you don’t need to add oil, butter, or any other fats to prepare meals. But after using 3 months most foods starts sticking without the use of oil or butter.


Basically, Gotham Steel Pans have a scratch-free surface. But most of the customers found scratches on the surface of the pan. Gotham Steel is dishwasher safe. But dishwasher also making a deep line on the ceramic surface. Some customers only used hot water and sponge for cleaning. But they found several scratches too.


  • Gotham Steel has great heat conductivity and works well on low heat.
  • The Pans are oven-safe and dishwasher-safe.
  • Lightweight. Comfortable to use.


  • Many customers found scratch though the pan is scratch-proof.
  • Most of the customers are disappointed with the sticking problem.
  • Handles get hot over time.


1.6 out of 5. According to highya.

Final Verdict

If you are thinking about purchasing Gotham Steel Cookware but worried if Gotham Steel Pans are Safe? Yes! The pan is safe for your food. But most of the customers are not satisfied. The advertisement for Gotham Steel was very promising but unfortunately, they are failed to full-fill customers’ needs. Most of the customers are disappointed with these pans so far. Take your time when buying cookware. Select the best, affordable, and durable product. We wouldn’t recommend you buy this product.

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